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BMI Brand Services was incorporated in 1993 as a sister company to Beverage Marketing, Inc. which was founded in 1972.

Since 1993 BMI has successfully served as an independent brand service company which facilitates compliant marketing activity for the adult beverage industry. Our Client list is a virtual who’s who in the industry.

BMI is an approved vendor with virtually every major brand, and likely all brands, that major retailers work with in their promotional activity.

BMI exists to provide a clear separation of the three tier distribution system and to provide promotional support within the regulatory framework provided by regulators in each jurisdiction. Therefore all the services we are capable of providing are not available nationwide.

Over many decades BMI has developed the trust of the industry in our ability to provide compliant program support which assist all involved in moving more product through the distribution system to the consumer.


BMI Brand Services has no ownership interest in any retailer or supplier organization. BMI Brand Services reserves the right to withdraw, without penalty, from any activity which we deem to be non-compliant, with any regulatory agency, in any jurisdiction, where our services are being provided.

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