Voluntary Internal Compliance Audit

In July 2015, BMI Brand Services retained independent council to conduct a trade practice compliance audit. Provided below is the conclusion of this audit.

BMI’s business model is constructed upon the underlying policy that no unlawful consideration is paid to a retailer, or passed through to a retailer on behalf of an industry member; only the services as described above are furnished. BMI maintains a diversified customer base of industry members. Those retail accounts in which BMI executes its clients promotional activities is similarly broad based. These factors, coupled with BMI’s business plan provides industry accountability and 3rd party verification of consumer coupon programs and POS merchandising programs on behalf of industry members. Because BMI is paid industry rates for its merchandising and promotional services and provides no “means to induce” a retailer through its services, our Audit concluded that BMI operates as a compliant 3rd party promotional company, providing consumer promotional and merchandising services to the industry.

To see the entire Audit, qualified industry members, or regulators, should request a copy at compliance@BMIBrandServices.com