Selecting the Best Processor for Your Promo Offers

When suppliers and retailers select a third-party processor, they should strongly consider utilizing one which meets the following important criteria:

Have extensive experience in the adult beverage industry
Have extensive experience working with suppliers and retailers in promotional claims by retailers
Have no direct or indirect financial interest in any industry member’s business; supplier, wholesaler or retailer
Have a diverse supplier client base to assure no tied house violations
Have a diverse retailer service base to assure no tied house violations
Have a clear understanding of the three-tier system in the adult beverage industry and their roll representing licensees
Have compliance policies which exemplify their commitment to compliance
Present clear examples of being proactive in compliance
Manage data in a way that allows remote access for oversite, audit and compliance purposes
Present technology that allows secure login capabilities which enables robust confidentiality within the trade
Present technology systems that enable management of promotional activity so that there is a system which allows readily available data regarding promotional offers which ensures electronic costing analysis for suppliers
Present technology capabilities and examples of their process and the management of their records to assure proper books and records management with a minimum of triple redundancy.

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